Yard Card Kits

We can help start and your exsiting yard card sign rental business? KD3G has several options for you to choose from for your Yard Card Rental Business. We offer starter kits,  all-inclusive letter sets, as well as variety themed yard card flair sets.

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  • 15" x 36" Upright Grad Thumbnail
  • 18"x20" inch Engagement Thumbnail
  • Sweet 16 Thumbnail
  • 16"x15" inch Smiley Face Thumbnail
  • 11"x17" inch Girl or Boy Bottle Thumbnail
  • Plano Reapers "P" Thumbnail
  • Baseball Yard Sign 22" x 22" Thumbnail
  • You Own It 2023 Graduation Sign Thumbnail
  • You Own It -48"x36" Happy Birthday Keepsake Thumbnail
  • 72"x48" inch School Bus Thumbnail
  • 36"x24" inch Tea And Rabbit Thumbnail
  • 36"x24" inch White Rabbit 2 Thumbnail
  • 36"x24" inch Cheshire Thumbnail
  • 36"x24" inch Alice Thumbnail
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