1. KD3G provides stock donations of short sleeve t-shirts.
  2. White t-shirts only. (no other garment selection is possiable)
  3. The max quanity of donations is 12 garments.
  4. Design must be provided PRINT READY  & TRANSPARENT.
  5. Design can only be one color
  6. One print location only front or back.
  7. All garments will display only KD3G Customs logo on Left sleeve


  1. Compleatly fill out the below form.
  2. All request must be put in by Decmber 20th. 
  3. All request are evaluated and concidered by Febuary 1st.
  4. All request are not gureented for approval.
  5. If design assistance is needed a $60.00 fee will be invoiced.
  6. One revision of KD3G Custom created design will be given.
  7. Delivery can be store pickup or shipping.


  1. You’ll receive an e-mail notification when donation decisions have been made.
  2. You will get one email requesting sizes.
  3. Print ready design must be  provided 45 days prior to event.
  4. Size information must be provided no later than 30 days prior to event.
  5. If you are a 501 you must provide you tax certificate 30 days after approval.
  6. Shipping cost is applicants responsibility.
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