What is Live Onsite Printing?

Our Live Onsite Printing Service is the easiest way to provide guests with personalized products to sell or swag and giveaways at your event.

Guests are able to choose from pre-made design(s), watch as their selection is applied in real time to whatever you are selling or handing out onsite, and within seconds walk away with their customized item!

Our Live Onsite Printing service differs from a traditional printing because it is:

Quick: a design only requires 60 seconds on the heat press, allowing for more people to participate during your event.

Compact: the only equipment we need is our industry-grade heat press, allowing for more stations in a smaller area, without limiting the amount of design options.

Truly personalized: with normal printing services, you are limited to one color per screen. With our solution, you can combine multiple color designs in one press.

One of the many reasons to partner with us is there is ZERO cost to your organization. You do not have to guess at quantities and sizes to order and you do not have to deal with left over inventory you are unable to sell.



We base equipment needs and staff on the number of attendees with the factor of time available.

Time: Each  event date can be 2 to 12 hours.

Power: Access to two 3-hole outlets that provide at least 20 amps, with a separate 20 amp outlet for our heat press

Table: Two to four 6’ tables

Space: Area can be as small as 10’x10’ with a 7.5’ clearance

Designs and Colors: You can provide your print ready design(s) to offer guests or our design staff will work with you on your preferred logo design, merchandising items, color and what type of personalization your event would like to use.. These designs can vary in color and can easily be multiple colors without impacting the application time!  

Sizes: The designs you offer can vary in size. Make a statement piece that can fill up a bag or t-shirt or something small to apply to a hat.


KD3G.com offers webstore for event pre-sales and post sales for your event and no additional charge. Your organization will receive the same percentage from your webstore.

Webstore:  pre-sales prior to event, you can customize and pick either option of shipping or pick up at the event you will be attending.

Pre-Orders will be picked up at ONE LOCATION ONLY per state. We have our kiosk located at each event. You can either pickup pre-order or customize your item at the event.

In the event of a event cancellation, we will ship your order to you at no extra cost.  Refunds are not possible on tournament cancellations, or if your player or team cancels.



How Does Work?

Our Live Onsite Printing is easy to execute onsite and maximizes the amount of money made or giveaways you are able to hand out. And because no paint is involved, it leaves no mess!

Step 1: Determine the concept of the designs you’d like to offer onsite. These can range from single color options to true 4 color designs!

Step 2: Guests will come and select a design and garment color they’d like imprinted onto their product.

Step 3: Our operator will take the design(s), place it on the product, and close our heat press for 60 seconds!

Step 4: After that, the heat press is opened and the guest walks away with their personalized product.

Step 5: Your Customer will be able to order 48 hours after your event If they were unable to order during the event.  Customization of your product will be avaliable.

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